Social Media

The Long Beach Modern Quilted is on social media on the following platforms:

Let's Keep Quilting!

Staying connected and promoting our craft on social media is a great way to reach our community and an even broader audience! It's really easy. Here's what to do:
  1. Create a post on Instagram and/or Facebook post with a picture of what you are working on.
  2. Write a quick note. Popular topics include the pattern or inspiration, where the fabric came from, and how it will be used.
  3. Add the hashtag to the end of your message:
  • #lbmqgathome - Use for any project, online activity, tip, or item with a modern focus that you want to share with LBMQG
  • #lbmqgphilanthropy - Working on one of our many philanthropy projects? Share your progress and our commitment to giving back to our community.
  • #showusyourmqg - Share and follow modern quilt style using this hashtag sponsored by the Modern Quilt Guild
You may use multiple hashtags. That's it! You can follow these two hashtags to see what everyone else is doing too! Please remember, if your account is private, only your friends will see what you post even with a hashtag. So make sure LBMQG and our members are your friends and followers!

Update your Social Media Contacts

If we don't have your current social media information, please update the LBMQG by following this link -Thank you!