Quilt Photography Tips

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Let's get Organized!

Worksheets to help get your priorities set for the year - Link

Quilt Labels

Best practices are to have them - and yet many quilters struggle! It's an important part of this craft. Here are links to a two part blog post from Jaybird Quilts on how to leverage Spoonflower to create quilt labels that will lend to a high quality finish for your quilts and projects.

Jaybird Quilts - Label tutorial (pt 1), Label tutorial (pt 2)

One idea- create a label (or two) within the size of a test swatch (8 in x 8 in). That way, a custom label with print included can be created for each quilt. Spoonflower also links with PicMonkey.com so no special software is required. https://www.spoonflower.com/designs/new

Palette Tools

Favorite Fabric Shops - Greater Long Beach & OC

Favorite Quilt Shops - Road Trip!

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

From our May 2021 meeting, here are resources mentioned to our members by guest speaker, David Owen Hastings on modern quilt design and his lecture: Minimal Design, Maximum Impact 

Social Justice Academy Information

From our September 2020 meeting, here are the resources mentioned to our members to get involved and learn more information.