Tips for taking quilt photos for Show and Tell

  • Take your photo outdoors between 8-10 am or 4-6 pm or anytime during a cloudy day.
  • Have someone hold the quilt if possible. If not lay it on the grass or drape it over a bush, chair, table, etc.
  • Try to zoom in as close as possible.
  • Please don’t stress, you are not submitting your quilt to a show. This is just you, showing your fabulous quilt to your guild friends.
Outside Photo Example
Outside Photo Example
Inside Photo Example
Inside Photo Example

Let's get Organized!

Worksheets to help get your priorities set for the year - Link

Quilt Labels

Best practices are to have them - and yet many quilters struggle! It's an important part of this craft. Here are links to a two part blog post from Jaybird Quilts on how to leverage Spoonflower to create quilt labels that will lend to a high quality finish for your quilt finishes.

Jaybird Quilts - Label tutorial (pt 1), Label tutorial (pt 2)

One idea- create a label (or two) within the size of a test swatch (8 in x 8 in). That way, a custom label with print included can be created for each quilt. Spoonflower also links with PicMonkey.com so no special software is required. https://www.spoonflower.com/designs/new

Favorite Fabric Shops - Greater Long Beach & OC

Favorite Quilt Shops - Road Trip!